8 Brilliant Ways To Send Out Invitation Cards!


  1. By Post With A Personally Hand-Written Letter

In this chaotic world of electronics and social media, this generation has forgotten the spectacular feeling of opening and reading a handwritten letter. Imagine how amazing it would be for someone, to open their mail-box and receive your wedding invitation card with a special little note or letter from the to-be bride or groom itself.


  1.  Photo Collage Of Your Special Moments With Them

Create a frame of all the lovely pictures you have of your close family or friend you are sending out your special wedding invitation to. A creative touch and personalization is never a bad idea. They will appreciate this more than you can ever imagine.


  1. Chocolates never fail

Chocolates are always, I repeat, always a good idea. How awesome would it be if the wedding invitation card fills the room with a chocolaty aroma? Make a spread of specially hand-picked and assorted chocolates. Mint, chili, milk, dark, nutty – there is a lot of room to play here!


  1. Something they can wear at the wedding

The ladies will be especially happy with this! You can send make up, accessories, perfumes, little wallets, i.e, stuff that you know that will definitely accompany them to the wedding.


  1. A little mirror!

Get creative! You can enclose a beautifully crafted little mirror with a note which says – ‘My wedding is incomplete without this person’. Let the arrow point to the mirror, and when they look into it, voila! Mission ‘charm the guest’ accomplished!


  1. Themed wedding Invitation

Any popular fiction you love to bits? A TV series or some book? Or an animated character? Or is it a film? Why not put your love on to the card? Themed wedding invitations are so big nowadays! Dabble into the idea more.


  1. Any Takers For Sarcastic Humour?

Turn your wedding invitation into a memorandum of all the things that they are going to miss, if they don’t attend your wedding. Enlist the lavish wedding feast spread. All the different delicacies lined up according to genres. All the fun ceremonies or the beautiful exotic venue. Let them know what they will miss. 😉


  1. A thoughtful gift

This is probably the most used idea out there. Everybody likes to open gifts. Enclose a dainty little memento along with your wedding invitation card. Something that reminds them of you, and they can cherish forever. We suggest wind chimes! 🙂

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