8 Ways To Make Your Wedding Special


  1. Find A Unique Location To Get Married

Ditch that boring venue where hundreds of people got married on the same elevated dais before you. Go unconventional. Pick a unique location which is as fresh as a dew.

wedding venue

  1. Ditch The Splurge

For those who don’t want to spend a huge amount of fortune entertaining people they do not even know, a small ceremony with just close family members and friends is a lovely way to get married. Rent a beautiful villa amidst the lap of nature. Your kin shall get a memorable vacation, and you shall get an unforgettable wedding.


  1. Prepare A Surprise Performance

Is your partner a fan of one of the performing arts? Learn their favourite dance form or some of their all time favourite songs. Join a crash course on dance or singing lessons days before the d-day, if need be. Surprise them with a spontaneous performance on the day of your wedding. Make them drool all over your awesomeness!

  1. Feed The Less Fortunate

Another way to make the most special day of your life extra special is a little good deed. Make sure you send out your scrumptious wedding feast to the needy or even better, invite them in to the spread.

  1. Adopt A Stray

A four-legged companion will surely quadruple the wonderment. Enter your new life, your new home with an adopted stray. If you’ve got a home, they’ve got the love.

  1. Bake Your Own Cake

If it’s a fancy cake that you desire, why not bake it yourself with a little help from your partner? It doesn’t matter if it’s perfectly iced, what matters is the love that is embedded in the icing.

  1. Vlog All Ceremonies

Create a video diary of all the ceremonies held before and throughout the wedding. The professional photographers and videographers you will hire are surely great, but no one can capture your most private and special moments better than you! Make sure you have a handycam handy at all times. It will be an experience of a lifetime for you and your partner. Watch all the high points as well as the goof-ups that happened during the wedding in retrospect – captured from your point of view.


  1. Collage Your Special Moments On To The Invitation Card

This works best for couples who have a love cum arranged marriage. Make a collage of all the best pictures you have treasured from your courtship days and have decorate them like a mosaic on to your wedding invitation card. A personal touch you see.

wedding card

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