The cost of a wedding in Udaipur

Everyone wonders about the exact cost of conducting a wedding in Udaipur . Everyone wishes to have their dream wedding in Udaipur. It is necessary to figure out whether your dreams and your budget match . Wrong planning can always end in trouble . It is always good to ascertain the budgets and costs involved in a wedding in UdaipurThere are many options to choose from and irrespective of your choices you can always end up marrying your bride in Udaipur !

Well here it is … yes it’s just a hype that only billionaires can marry in Udaipur palaces! Udaipur is notorious for its old picturesque landscape, royal grandeur, scintillating lakes. It has one of the best locations and venues for marriages in India.

Insights into what will you pay for your dream venue:

Some venues can accommodate your guests while others won’t.  Some venues can charge anywhere from 9000 to 15 k per person for a limited number of guests. Everything will be tailor made and customized for them. Thus if you are planning a wedding for around 200 guests in your guest list, you ll end up paying anywhere around 20 Lakhs for a single day.

There is an alternate option to reduce these costs drastically! One can go for big 5 star hotels with inbuilt services like Floral Decor, Sound, Stage Decor , Catering and others. Big names like Sheraton, Leela  and Taj palace will come to your rescue if you are struggling with budgets! They have all indoor and outdoor services!

The cost effective and mouth watering rates of around 2000 Rs per person per day forces every tom dick and harry to re-contemplate  dropping the idea of a palatial wedding . Because it’s not a big deal to cash out around 3 to 10 Lakhs for wedding and reception dinner ( 2000 to 4500 ) per person . Around 12 Lakhs (150 to 175 guests) for a cosy Udaipur Plump hotel wedding with serene backdrops and refreshing breeze from the lakes. Now some people even split their destinations into two and drive away to nearby venues which are even cheaper. In Udaipur the hotel rates begin from 3500 INR for each guest per day to 20000 INR which includes full meal and for other things like decor / entertainment/ logistic you can plan accordingly.

Some important things that one must always remember : 
1. These majestic places will require minimum bookings ( number of rooms) . This is because they intend to carry on events for residents and non residents of the hotel separately . Obviously , more preference is given to residential events.

2. The best palace venues will allow only few selected weddings annually. But even these have to be well planned and arranged in advance .


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  1. Devinder Rai - August 2, 2016 at 8:16 pm Reply

    We are planning a Hindu wedding for our daughter in October 2017. I have listed some of our requirements which are as follow.
    our budget : 15 Lakhs Rs
    No of Guests: 50-60
    No nights accommodation, food & Ceremony: 3 , Some guest may stay longer, We will pay for one night stay for all guest.
    Guest will pay for other nights themselves depending upon no of nights they select to stay.
    We will pay for foods & functions for three nights.

    I would like hear your views and recommendation.

    Devinder Rai

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