Importance of a Wedding Planner


Dream Weddings cannot happen overnight. A wedding in Rajasthan won’t happen without proper planning and management. Careful planning is required for a successful wedding in Rajasthan. Here is where wedding planners come into the picture. They are angels who make our dream marriages easier.

How to plan for a wedding :

Choosing the right wedding planner in Rajasthan may seem to be a daunting task. Here are some tips that may come handy:

  • Careful and meticulous planning : This will reduce confusions and prevent frantic window shopping at the 11th hour
  • Avoid miscommunication: The initial couple of meetings with your wedding planner is very important. You must communicate effectively and list out all your ideas and expectations.
  • There are several tools available to plan a wedding effectively. However, effective communication is something that can smoothen your pre-wedding planning in an appropriate manner.
  • Strike a harmonious chord with your wedding planner in Rajasthan: They are messiahs who let your bridal dreams manifest into reality (pun intended)
  • Use tools that will help in planning : These books are amazingly helpful and cost effective.

1)  The Knot – Ultimate wedding Planner by Charley Rooney

2)  The Knot- The knot book of wedding lists by Charley Rooney


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