Wedding Planners in Udaipur

Wedding Planners in Udaipur

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There are a  few things in life when you want to do it big, extravagant and lavishly in style & certainly marriage is one of them. When it comes to marriages, we Indian do not mind spending a fortune right from venue to food to honeymoon with the help of a wedding planner , everyone wants it to be an affair for a lifetime.

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Theme weddings or destiny weddings are current vogue, today young minds opting for exotic location to tie the nuptials, Kashmir for a picturesque backdrop or Rajasthani style royal wedding, whatever may choice, your theme wedding planning is incomplete without a professional wedding planner.

So, if you have a fancy of to be treated like a royal prince or princess on your D- day than Udaipur is a prefect destination for you, wedding planners are here can turn your wedding into a perfect royal affair and if you are willing to spend a fortune you may be lucky to have a real feeling of a royal getting married at a real palace. Depending on budget, wedding planners in Udaipur can make any marriage memorable.

Many wedding planners give their client an estimated budget as per need and pocket of the customer; many people find wedding planner quite a big relief when they are either new to city or want things to go hassle free and smoothly after all no one would want a catastrophe on the their big day.


If you hire a professional wedding planner, you can count on them to make it a perfect affair, no need to go running after food supplier, photographer, Mehandi wala(not to miss famous Marwadi Mehandi) or venue decorator, all you need is just sit with your wedding planner, draw out your idea of marriage style, your budget, your guest list and location, these wedding planner can make sure to meet your requirement without burning hole in pocket, still you keep one thing in mind that miscellaneous expenses might go up and low to your target budget.

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Wedding planners give client choices on menu, wedding cards, decoration, flower theme, and travel agents and thus they take care of everything related to a wedding.

Udaipur is a place known for its palaces and majestic forts; not only Indians but also NRIs and foreigners prefer getting married here for its cultural heritage and historical values.

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Udaipur has many wedding planners; the city has a charm of small town yet provides luxury of high class. Many five star hotels are here to stay in apart from all other arrangements, Wedding planners can guide you choosing your dresses for wedding day and pre- wedding ceremonies. A royal princess like attire for bride to be match with heritage jewelry. Being a city of jewelers, Udaipur has plenty of jewelers who deal in fine crafted hand -picked jewelry with a touch of royalty. With the help of your wedding planner, you can design your own style of clothing and jewelry and matching accessories.

Though hiring a wedding planner can save you on times and make assure of a headache free result, still you must take some views on them, by doing a survey on current up-to-date rates and facts of wedding market.

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